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“The Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010: The Edinburgh of Africa”

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In barely two weeks’ time, the imposing stone walls of the venerable 330-year-old Castle of Good Hope in central Cape Town will be reverberating to the rhythmic thumping of drums, the wailing of bagpipes and the echoing boom of live gunfire, as the oldest military headquarters in the country hosts the sixth Cape Town Military Tattoo 2010.

One of the not-to-be-missed highlights of the Cape Town calendar, the Tattoo has proved so popular among locals and visitors that it has now become an annual event, from its humble beginnings in 2003. The sell-out success of the last years has even persuaded organisers to extend the Tattoo by a day: This year, the nightly performances will take place from Wednesday 3 November to Saturday 6 November 2010.

Published on the Reserve Force Division Website in October 2010.

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