Article 153

“City of Cape Town Commemorates Armistice Day”

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Article by: Lt Col Johan Conradie & Regine Lord

Photos by: Regine Lord and Maj Dalene Coetzee

On Sunday 08 November 2020, the annual Remembrance Sunday Memorial Service was held inside the Cape Town Civic Centre. Due to rain being predicted, the venue had to be changed. This annual parade is usually held at the Cenotaph in Adderley Street, but the venue had to be changed to the Civic Centre due to rain being predicted. This year, moreover, COVID-19 protocol had to be observed, which meant that all participants were scanned beforehand, and all had to wear masks, sanitise their hands, and keep a distance from each other.

The Remembrance Sunday Service is held to remember the hour and day on which the Armistice, and thus the cessation of hostilities, at the end of World War I came into effect. Today, the service commemorates all those who have given their lives in the service of their country.

Published on the Reserve Force Division website in November 2020.