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“Cart Horse Angels to the Rescue: Protecting the Cart Horses of Cape Town”

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With sirens howling, the bakkie of the Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) with horsebox in tow, is driving rapidly along Valhalla Drive and Duinefontein Road towards Philippi a patchwork of dairy and vegetable farms on the Southern Cape Flats. For more than nine years senior inspector Diana Truter, in charge of the CHPA’s veterinary and rehabilitation unit, has crisscrossed the Cape Flats to provide emergency medical care to working cart horses and donkeys. Today, I have joined her on a callout to gain some firsthand insight into the challenges that the association faces in protecting these animals from abuse, and contributing to the social upliftment of Cape Town’s carting community.

Published in the Equestrian Express, Issue no. 3, August 2012.

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