Article 129

“A Reunion of Comrades, old and new, at Rosedale: 78th Mobilisation Anniversary and Reunion Luncheon 2018”

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Article by: Regine Lord & Alan Brashaw

Photographs by: Regine Lord

The Dukes Association held their annual reunion luncheon at the premises of the South African Legion, Rosedale, in Rosebank on Saturday, 19 May 2018. The event marked the 78th anniversary of the Mobilisation of the 1st South African Infantry Brigade (1940 – 1978), which saw a large number of Dukes being called up for military service in World War II. It also marked the 41st anniversary of the mobilisation of the Dukes regiment for border duty in South West Africa in 1977.

Published in the Cape Town Rifles (Dukes) Communiqué, June 2018.